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Breann Kakacek BSN, RN

Breann Kakacek BSN, RN Healthcare Content Writer

A healthcare copywriter with a nursing background can help you and your business grow by developing B2B and B2C copywriting content for all your media outlets.
Hiring a nurse as your copywriter means that your content will be factually accurate and easy to digest for both consumers and businesses.

Breann will make a professional and persuasive copy that will get you results. She can bring new and insightful ideas to market your business, from repurposing existing content, creating new web pages, drawing in new clients with blogs and articles, and much more.
Working with a nurse healthcare copywriter ensures your copy is medically accurate and well-written! Keeping keywords and great SEO in mind, your business will soar to the top with Breann!

What can you expect?
· Professionalism
· Knowledge of the healthcare and medical field
· 100% original work/no plagiarism- Copyscape Premium Passed
· Grammarly Premium approved copy
· SEO-optimized work
· Bylined and Ghost-written work

Breann is here to help ensure your healthcare copy is medically accurate and well-written.
B2B webpage copy? - Gotcha covered!
B2C webpage copy? - That too!
Blog content? - I'll help you land more customers!
Medical articles? - Yup, this too!
Video scripts? - Don't sweat it!
Social media posts? - Of course!
Educational pamphlets? And emails? And ads? - You know it!
The possibilities are endless!

Why Hire Me?
Breann has 12 years of experience as a nurse in the medical field. With a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, specialty experience includes but is not limited to critical care, telemetry, surgery, geriatric psychiatry, and bariatrics. She will help write medical blogs, articles, scripts, procedures, simple instructions, education, and creative writing pieces that pertain to healthcare copy. Why hire just anyone to help you with your copywriting needs when you can hire a professional with personal experience in healthcare.

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Blog/Article Writing

Elevate your healthcare blog with the trusted voice of a nurse! Engage your audience with authentic, evidence-based content written by an RN. I translate complex medical jargon into clear, relatable language, weaving in patient insights and practical tips for better understanding. Boost SEO, build trust, and empower your readers with my expert healthcare blog and article-writing services. Let's create content that resonates and informs!

Healthcare Journalism

Bridge the gap between clinical expertise and captivating storytelling, crafting impactful healthcare journalism that informs, educates, and inspires. My insider knowledge translates complex medical issues into accessible narratives, engaging readers with human stories and data-driven insights. I excel at investigative reporting, feature pieces, and health trend analysis, propelling your publication to the forefront of healthcare conversations. 

B2B and B2C Web Copy

Craft healthcare websites that convert with a nurse's touch! I bridge the communication gap in B2B and B2C healthcare, weaving my clinical expertise into compelling website copy that resonates with professionals and patients. I translate complex medical jargon into clear, concise language, building trust and fostering meaningful connections. My services encompass everything from crafting engaging product descriptions to developing patient education materials, all optimized for search engines. Let me help you attract, educate, and convert your target audience with healthcare website design and writing that resonates and informs.

Editing and Proofreading

Ensure flawless healthcare communication with a nurse's meticulous eye! Elevate your healthcare content with precise editing and proofreading from a registered nurse. My sharp clinical lens catches factual inaccuracies, ambiguous language, and inconsistent terminology, safeguarding your credibility and patient safety. I ensure adherence to style guides and industry standards while enhancing clarity, flow, and audience engagement. From research papers to marketing materials, my expertise guarantees polished, error-free communication that builds trust and informs effectively. 

Education Courses

Equip learners with real-world knowledge: Healthcare education courses by a nurse who's been there! Tired of dry, textbook-based learning? I craft engaging healthcare education courses grounded in my hands-on experience as a registered nurse. I translate complex medical concepts into clear, relatable modules, incorporating practical scenarios, case studies, and patient insights to make learning stick. My expertise ensures accuracy, relevance, and alignment with industry best practices, fostering confident, competent healthcare professionals. 

Subject Matter Expert

Leverage my expertise and elevate your healthcare impact: A nurse subject matter expert at your service! Bridge the gap between complex medical knowledge and accessible communication with my seasoned experience as a registered nurse and subject matter expert. I translate intricate medical jargon into concise language, ensuring accuracy and relevance for diverse audiences. 

Legal Nurse Consulting

 Your trusted healthcare legal nurse consultant. As a registered nurse and legal nurse consultant, I bridge the gap between medicine and law, offering attorneys and healthcare providers invaluable expertise. I meticulously analyze medical records, identify potential negligence or liability issues, and translate complex medical concepts into clear, concise language that legal professionals and juries understand. My in-depth clinical knowledge ensures accurate case assessments, insightful testimony preparation, and effective communication strategies, empowering you to navigate legal challenges with confidence. Let me be your trusted partner in navigating the complexities of healthcare law!

Video Script and Screenplay Writing

Engage your audience with impactful video scripts and screenplays penned by a registered nurse. I weave captivating narratives with clinical accuracy, injecting patient insights and real-world scenarios that resonate. My scripts go beyond facts, sparking emotions and inspiring action, whether educating patients about preventative care, promoting public health awareness, or showcasing cutting-edge medical advancements. From explainer videos to documentaries, I bring authenticity and depth to your healthcare visuals, turning viewers into informed advocates. Let's craft video experiences that educate, inspire, and make a lasting impact!

Get in Touch

If you're interested in learning more about our services, or if you'd like to discuss a project, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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